The Juan Guzmán Foundation and affiliated organizations offer to help them to develop on different areas such as Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and many others.

Our foundation also seeks to provide our community with the necessary tools to create better opportunities for the Childrens in poverty in the Dominican Republic and other countries in Latin America.




We are an interdisciplinary team that works to strengthen the skills and abilities of vulnerable youth, supporting their families through primary care centers.



By the year 2022, we will be a self-sustaining organization strengthening the coverage of our young people enrolled at 100 x cent through modern and equipped centers.



Our Foundation is always responsible for promoting different values: Honesty, Commitment, Discipline, Gratitude, Loyalty. These values help to build our culture and guide us in our decisions.


Juan Guzman President & CEO
Felicita Guzman Vice-President & Spiritual
Flavia Segura Assistant
Ruben Araujo Softball
Jesus Perez Publicity and Promotion
Antonio Guzmán Indoor Multi-Use
Julio Cesar Pérez Baseball
Nancy Guzmán Events
Raúl Guzmán General Supervisor
Alexis German Pastor & Outreach
Belkis Ogando Intercession & House of Childrens
Rubén Araujo Comunity
Yúnior Eduard Media
Mauri Taveras Education
Eily Brito Soto Capacitation
Gissel Jaime Complex Administrator
Zaida Jaime Finance & Accounting
Jennifer Yamer Guzman Secretary
Roberto Guzmán Maintenance Manager
Rafael Jaqueline Football
Name Function
Mary Luz Monsalve Finance Events Travel Intercession
Doris Martínez Intercession promotion relationships
Ramon Martínez Events Connection
Sandra Vásquez Communication Stationery Intercession
Víctor Santa María Events services
Alexa Martínez Promotion and collection of donations
Hermosina Quintana Event Services Intercession
María Brenda Cordón. Secretary Communication Intercession
Nelson Aguilar Sound Video Technical Support
David Cáceres Events Supervision Service
Patricias Cáceres Events Sale Promotion Intercession
Hilda Arena Travel events Donation Intercession
Ruben Sierra Donation collection
Carlos Gambeta Events Service
María Susana Aguije Events Intercession trips
Saul Pérez Events Connection
Ana María González Events and Translation
Laura Zuñiga Events Logistics protocol
Juan Zuñiga Donation collection
Islend Edward Relationship Travel events
Rafael Ortiz Services and events
Yennifer González Social Media
Mily Hernandez Events Services Intercession



Baseball International Exchange at Complejo Deportivo Juan Guzmán in Manoguayabo, Dominican Republic.

The construction of the baseball field for children. Although there is still much to be done, this is the beginning of many opportunities for the future of bright young people of the Dominican Republic


Yes you can! This is confirmed by the creator of the Juan Guzman Foundation, Juan Guzman with his wife Ana Guzman in the Third Gala of “Bateando por el Futuro”, because when we work together for a good cause everything comes out excellent!

Art is one of our programs for the children’s development we impart in Juan Guzman Foundation in addition to programs focused on the Spiritual, Sports and Education.

Our foundation seeks to provide our community with the necessary tools to promote human beings capable of self-support that contribute to creating a better society, seeking to create opportunities and eradicate hunger and poverty among children in Latin America.


This is one of the activities we developed in 2016 thanks to your contributions, we are focused on helping to train individuals with ethical, moral and capable of being agents of self sustaining social change.

Juan Guzman Foundation Activity for the benefit of children with limited resources, thanks to your contributions we were able to have a small entertainment where we provide snacks and give away toys


Thanks to you we were able to celebrate the fundraising dinner, with your help we can achieve great things, every donation is a grain of sand that helps many children to progress and have a bright future